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Metro-tukku customer service

Our custome service is for you. When you need help, advice, guides or additional info, contact us. You can reach us via email, phone, chat or feedback form.

Did you get phone call from 09-81711939?

You have received a call from our customer service Wire bot. We take advantage of speech robotics to report acute deviations, such as load delays, potential challenges in online shopping, and recalls. Tip: Save the number in your phone's memory as Metrotukku informs.

Customer Service

Mon-Fri 7-16
0200 50 200

Private horeca

Mon-Fri 7-16
Phone 020 510 4260
Whatsapp 040 594 6269

Public Administration

Mon-Fri 7-16
020 510 4116

Chat -customer service

Mon-Fri 8-17
You can find chat in the lower right corner while in online store. If chat button is not visible, we are all busy.


Mon-Fri 7-16
Phone 020 510 4103
Whatsapp 040 132 5132

Customer register

Mon-Fri 8-16
020 510 4242
Update your customer information via form.

Calls to customer service and to numbers beginning 020 510
8,35 snt/puh + 16,69 snt/min